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ARCT-RUHUKA Gives COVID-19 Relief Support to the Most Affected Families

The Rwanda Association of Trauma Counselors (ARCT-RUHUKA) on Tuesday donated food, health insurance and hygiene materials to 400 vulnerable families mostly affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Beneficiaries of thebRwf37 million worth of support are from Gicumbi and Gasabo District in Northern Province and City of Kigali respectively. Since COVID-19 outbreak in Rwanda (March 14), thousands of people were hit hard. It left several families incapable to put food on the table.

Others could hardly afford the budget for hygienic equipment including facemasks that are used to prevent contamination and spread of the pandemic.

Such category of people attracted ARCT-RUHUKA’s attention and decided to come in with a helping hand.

Residents of Nduba and Jali sectors in Gasabo district, and those from Gicumbi and Byumba in Gicumbi district were all smile while receiving the donation.

“We are grateful to ARCT RUHUKA for thinking about us as vulnerable people and providing this support. God bless you so much,” one of the beneficiaries said.

Jane Abatoni Gatete, the ARCT RUHUKA Executive Secretary said that the donation was provided to ensure that the vulnerable people get basic needs to survive since they were hit hard by the pandemic.

Jane Abatoni Gatete, the ARCT RUHUKA Executive Secretary

“In partnership with GIZ, we have been able to support these people and we hope that the donation will be distributed to the right people in this community and help them to improve their living condtioon,” Abatoni said.

Nduba Sector Executive Secretary, Jeanne Nibagwire welcomed the good initiative of ARCT-RUHUKA.

She said: “we are very thankful for this organization which supported a number of most affected families in our community. You have contributed to solving a big problem here.”

Nduba Sector was also given megaphones that would be used to spread anti Covid-19 messages.

ARCT RUHUKA is a national organization of professional trauma counselors created in 1998. Since its creation, it has elaborated various programs that focus on empowering communities through healing for psycho-social reintegration.

Emma-Marie Umurerwa

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